Sustainable, Limited Edition Luxury Swimsuits.

Welcome to Hylawear, where you can  embrace the allure of being unique ! We aim to transform the swimwear industry into a green initiative. We are a group of  women curating swimsuits for real women.

Our business is family-owned, and our products are ethically sourced and manufactured by artisans worldwide. 

We are committed to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. At Hylawear, fashion and sustainability can coexist. Our limited edition luxury swimsuits are made from recycled materials such as fishing nets and plastic bottles, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. It takes a 5-gallon water container to create one bathing suit! By choosing Hylawear, you can be confident that you're making a difference and reducing your environmental footprint.

Here at  Hylawear, we pride ourselves on offering the epitome of exclusivity. Our collections are limited edition, ensuring that each swimsuit  is a testament to uniqueness. With a restricted inventory for each style and size, we guarantee a distinctive experience, allowing you to stand out with colors and prints that aren't on everyone. Dive into a world where you're not just wearing a swimsuit, but embodying a statement. Embrace the allure of being unique; once our pieces are gone, they're truly gone. Be part of this exclusive journey, and ensure you don’t miss out on a chance to wear what most won’t have. 

Hylawear, Embrace the allure of being unique!